Industrial sponge and its uses

Sponge is a porous material for rubber, rubber or other, similar to the absorption of the structure of the marine sponge animal. Sponge is used in many of the most important practical applications on sponge:

1- Manufacture of furniture: sponge took place of wool and wool in the furniture industry. Mattresses, bases, pedals and medical products.

2- Insulation: Sponges are used in heat and sound insulation operations, and used in the lining of food storage boxes, fillings of walls of buildings and others.

3 – Packaging: Sponge is used in packaging materials as protective equipment for different devices, because of its ability to absorb shocks and light weight and easy to form.

4 – buoyancy: manufacturers benefited from the feature of buoyancy in the sponge for the manufacture of buoys, boats and aircraft and life jackets.

5. Cleaning: The bathing fiber and the sponge of the domestic ports are produced from sponge, because of the ability of this material to absorb water and the overlap and transfer of cleaning materials.

6 – decorative paintings and lining.

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